The RPS Digital Imaging Hall of Fame

Here we present the outcome of the group's projected image competitions and print exhibitions. We first started capturing entry images on-line in an organised way in 2019 so previous year's images will be added as and when we are able to track them down.

The gallery is presented in 'tree roots' fashion: that is to say, the images per event are subdivided into albums separately containing award winners and classes. Clicking on a thumbnail on the home page will take you to further pages where the separate classes and categories will be shown, as appropriate.

When in an album containing images, hovering your mouse over an image thumbnail will reveal its title and author; clicking on a thumbnail will display a large version of the picture. At that point, you can then use the 'next' and 'previous' buttons at the top corners of the screen to move through the set without having to return to the thumbnail view. When viewing images which were awarded a trophy, medals or ribbons, they are ranked in that order. In a class, they are in alphabetical order of their titles. Please note that scores attained by images are not shown here - if you entered an event in 2019 and later, you can view your own results by logging in at

To find a specific image or set of images, enter all or part of the title or the whole of the author's name into the 'search' box at top-right.

COPYRIGHT! Please note that the copyright of all of the images in this gallery belongs to the respective authors. Reproduction of any kind by any medium is prohibited without the written permission of the author(s).

Oh, and if you have arrived here and are not an RPS Digital Imaging Group member, you're still welcome to see what we get up to. Who knows, you might be persuaded to become a member......?